Newbie Stereo advice

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Newbie Stereo advice

Postby Ryzing » Sat May 07, 2011 7:33 pm

Hi all,
First off so glad I came across these forums. I'm a very proud owner of a fairly stock 2003 S-10 ZR5 and have loved it since the day I bought it new. Its great to see some many that are as happy as I am with the Crew Cab. :rock:

Since seeing some of the posts I have found may things that Im wanting to Mod!

Whats Im looking to do right now is upgrade the stock stereo. Ive done some searching and found a ton of info but I have some concerns about size and mounts. Ive seen some pretty terrible looking mounting jobs done due to the dash and want to make sure Im doing it right before I spend the money.

I have a Evo 4G and Im looking to stream internet radio to it via either Bluetooth (preferred) or an standard headphone jack. I also wouldn't mind routing phone calls though the stereo system but that would just be bonus. Im thinking I want to stay on the more economical side for the time being as I may decide to upgrade to a touchscreen in the couple years.

I was just looking for some advice and success story's/pics on what size and mounting to go with.


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Newbie Stereo advice

Postby fallvitals » Sat May 07, 2011 7:54 pm

Installing a new head unit isn't a big deal. The depth is deeper then my old 97 s10, which needed a install kit that stuck out about and inch. You still need a install kit, as the stock stereo is larger.

Go there picture 38 has some of my old stereo in it, before some kids decided they needed it more then me. I did like that install kit, had a little cubbyhole below it to put CDs or whatever. The new install kit I have for my new alpine just has a flat piece instead of that cubbyhole on my old one. Don't like it as well, and it looks worst I think.

As for installing, it's cake. Most time consuming part is soldering the wire harness. Make sure to removed the stud from the stock stereo and install It on the rear of the new one to support the weight.

My old alpine had the auxiliary input on the rear, I liked that, ran the audio cable through the dash for my iPhone. My new alpine has it on the front. Looks bad with it plugged in, plus I now remove the face plate since the theft so I'm constantly unplugging it. Hope the input doesn't wear out prematurely from use.

I do recall the crutchfield manual having my disassemble more of the dash then necessary. All you need to remove is a few screws from the instrument cluster are, and a few from the bottom of the dash, drivers side, to access two hidden screws for the main pop in dash piece. With those out, just pull out the dash and throw your stereo in. As for the Bluetooth junk, no clue. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the truck but rather the head unit itself?
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Re: Newbie Stereo advice

Postby killian96ss » Sat May 07, 2011 11:27 pm

Get a stereo from Crutchfield! They will hook you up with everything needed for a plug & play setup, and they give you all this stuff for free when you buy the stereo from them. I've bought at least 8 car stereos from them over the past 20 years, and have always been happy with their prices and service. I currently have a Kenwood Excelon with ipod controls, bluetooth, and sat radio in my 05 ZR2 Blazer which I am happy with. I've always liked the Excelon line, and am now on my 5th one.
Be sure to replace the crappy paper 8 ohm factory speakers if you want good sound quality!

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Re: Newbie Stereo advice

Postby Walt » Fri May 13, 2011 4:42 pm

Get a new head unit first. I've always been partial to alpine myself but most of the popular brands will sound fine. Make the dash and front door speakers your next priority. And replace both pair- they sound much better when all for are used instead of just two. For the dash, just get a decent 4x6 component plate (separate 4" speaker and tweeter mounted to a metal plate). For the doors, a decent 6-3/4" coaxial or component pair will do fine. Then add an amp and subs. I wouldn't bother with the back door speakers until last, if at all. The design of the back door makes it very difficult to get good sound out of those speakers.

I'd also recommend crimping your radio wiring harness rather than soldering it. Nothing wrong with soldering, it's just more time consuming and can turn in to a headache if you don't know what your doing.

And, +1 for Crutchfield. Great people to deal with.

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