front axle (differential) diagram - bearings

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front axle (differential) diagram - bearings

Postby fpieri » Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:03 am

Hi, again writing from south America to ask for some info about the front axle of the s10 4x4 cc (mine is 2001).

i have a noise in the front axle. it is at least one bearing i guess but we checked the wheel bearings and they are ok (we replaced the originals with 280000km, the new have now 35000km and they are very good (timken))

does anybody have the diagram of the front differential and how the is engagement method?
the "bearing noise" is the same going straight or turning to the left but seems to be reduced slightly when turning to the right.

my truck has now 315000 and recently we made a travel of 3500km from my country to Mendoza near Chile in the mountains. here a photo at 4000m of altitude


thanks in advance

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