Can i grease(lithium)my sway bar bushings?

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Can i grease(lithium)my sway bar bushings?

Postby wnyred » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:50 am

My trucks getting pretty crusty/weathered from the lovely north east weather. Is there anything I can grease the sway bar bushings with? I imagine it should really be taken apart as ive never had the hardware changed and the bars pretty rusty. From what ive read, I should'nt grease them with anything if they are rubber.I bought some lithium spray to grease the torsion bars and was wondering if it would damage the rubber bushings .Trying to track down a vibration noise situation and thought greasing up a lot of things might help eliminate the various noises this old truck may be making.
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Re: Can i grease(lithium)my sway bar bushings?

Postby LoneWolf04 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:25 pm

If you were going to lube I would either use the white lithium paste and take the bushings out and do it or use a synthetic grease. Can't remember the name but it's green grease made by permatex and comes in a white bottle with green logo, screw cap with a brush inside. The white lithium sticks really well that comes in the jar. When I redid my control arm bushings I used it on the torsion bar sockets before I slide then back in.
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Re: Can i grease(lithium)my sway bar bushings?

Postby Torskdoc » Wed May 11, 2016 5:25 pm

Lonewolf. You're describing Permatex Synthetic Caliper grease. Very high temp, and doesn't run. It doesn't eat at the caliper bolt boots so it's probably ok for the sway bar bushings. I use it on my Riding Lawn tractor to lube most everything except the axle bearings. Sticks and lasts a lot longer than White lithium in an exposed area.
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