Parking brake lever boot again

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Parking brake lever boot again

Postby JaVeRo » Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:18 pm

In this thread from 7 years ago I listed a place to get the little rubber boots that keep dirt out of the parking brake adjuster.


Well that place is no longer in business. Dorman is now making or selling the part that fits our trucks 924-244, but it is 40+ dollars for a pair. It should also fit the F and Y body GM cars. Dorman is also selling the part for the 1/2 ton trucks, 924-243 that is the same part that I got 7 years ago that was for the GM B body cars which I think was the Impala. This part is only 10 dollars for a pair but no hardware comes with this one.

The 924-244, 40 dollar part has a single flat flange, the 924-243 and the ones I got 7 years ago for the B body has a double lip flange. If you cut the 243 part (the cheap one) with scissors following the groove between the two lips, then the part will fit our trucks. Once you put the metal frame over it, you can't tell the difference.

When I took the picture, all I had was the new 924-244 part and the B body part from 7 years ago. Since then, I have bought the 924-243 just to verify that it is the same part as the B body and it is.

The next issue I had was replacing the parking brake cable. I got each cable from O'Reillys. The right side was made in China and worked fine. The left side was made in Columbia (same brand, same packaging, different part number and different country of origin) The end at the wheel was wrong and wouldn't fit. It was too narrow. I had the guy order two more and one of the two had been drilled out but was still too narrow. I went to Autozone and ordered the left side and got the same cable with the end drilled or milled out but still too narrow. I looked on Napa's website and Advance website, both listed the same part number so I just got one from the factory. This is on the Blazer, not the crew cab so the lengths are a little different. Moral to the story is, If it comes from Columbia, check for the proper end before you pay for it.

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Re: Parking brake lever boot again

Postby HenryJ » Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:13 am

Good detailed information, Thanks!

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