What's everyone's favorite Motor Mounts.....

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What's everyone's favorite Motor Mounts.....

Postby Torskdoc » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:03 am

except for the CRAPPY STOCK JUNK at the Auto store.

Every year (like friggin clockwork!) I've had to replace the LEFT SIDE Motor mount. Granted they are cheap enough at Rock Auto, ($6.00 or so for the Anchor brand which is $28 @ Advance or Autozone), but the design is for crap. I've replaced the left side every year since I've had this ZR5, and last year ALL 3 Mounts. I pull a trailer all the time with the ZR5 (18ft 3800#GVW trailer). Now I have a broken left mount AGAIN!!!

I'm really tempted to go with the JTR 4.3 replacement kit, but I also have to remove the lower 1/2 of the old mounts and install 2.8L pieces.

Has anyone used these mounts http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/Parts_ ... ounts.html and what is the verdict?

I don't necessarily want to go with the Stock type poly mounts as I'm kinda of leery about them separating like the stock rubber crap. Plus any mount that goes on is going to have a restraining chain from the frame to block. Frame end of the chain welded to the frame, and bolted to the block with minimal slack.

I'm tired of having to change motor mounts. I also have 2 mounts on the Jimmy that need replacement, but they are the originals and lasted 22 years and 130,000 miles. On the Jimmy I'm just putting the stock rubber mounts back on it as we only use it for driving the grandkids to the park, or Home Depot Runs.
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Postby _STUCKY » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:31 am

I broke mine while I was off roading. Terrible sounds when the stock fan hits the shroud. I replaced them with the jtr mounts in the link, with 2.8 Astro van mounts from napa. It is a very nice improvement over stock. I don't think you'll need to chain it after.


Edit: It did take a while to get them, 2-3 months maybe.
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