6" superlift?

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6" superlift?

Postby brockbel » Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:55 am

I have a 2004 gmc sonoma 4 door 4x4, I'm looking to lift it and put some new tires and rims on it from what i have read the 6" superlift seems to be the best lift as far as not having problems. So i have a few questions. First, what lift from a 2.5" to 6" do y'all guys recommend. Second, I've been searching for a good looking set of rims that are black and chrome or black and machined. what are some recommended offsets, sizes, and widths. and last but not least what is the largest tire i can fit depending on the lift you recommend???
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Re: 6" superlift?

Postby mfulaytar » Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:35 pm

ive heard great things about the 6" superlift and its probably the lift i will go with. you could fit 33s comfortably but with cutting of fenders i think you could fit a bigger tire but its not a good idea with IFS. if you want to go bigger than 33s look at a solid axle swap. there is loads of information on SAS on the internet. i would not suggest the rough country 2.5 lift. i havent heard anything good about it. its basically just turning the torsion bars past what the should be at.

as far as rims, check out Fuel and Rockstar. they may have what youre looking for. tire size... if i were you the bigest tire i would go with is 33x10.5. and that is the exact size ill be buying.

word of advice.... the answers to all of your questions are already in this forum. before you make a new thread make sure you use that search bar because the answer is probably already on here or some other forum. :wink:
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