An fuel lines?

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An fuel lines?

Postby Built2Bend » Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:21 pm

We'll yesterday I went to walmart. Went to leave and my truck wouldent start.
Cranked over just fine but no start I turned my key on went back and couldent here my fuel pump. I want back into Walmart and bought a can of starting fluid. Came back out sprayed a little I. The engine it fired right up for a second and them died again so I pretty much know it was the fuel pump so I got a ride home went back today with a trailer and my dad he said there's an old truck he know and he hit the bottom of my fuel tank with his fist just under the sending unit and we herd it kick on so I started it and it ran just fine. So I drove it to the farm with my dad following me I parked it beside the barn and turned it off. Just for shits and giggles my dad said see if it will start again I turned the key and it fired right up.

Sorry for the long story. But now my question I'm ordering a new fuel pump and sending unit and I hate the factory plastic line so has any one ever replaced the factory line with an lines? Or has any one used an lines and can give me advice? Heck Is this even possible? I've seen those jiffy tite connections and I would really want those. But I have never done it before and help?
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Re: An fuel lines?

Postby HenryJ » Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:42 pm

The steel hardlines are a better option to the braided stainless steel AN lines. Lines degrade with time and finind ethanol resistant lines are difficult at best. Cost is the next thing. $1k or more to do a crew cab would be my best guess.
Stick with the stock stuff and spend your $$ on a good pump.

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