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Questions on modification

Postby Ezrollin » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:00 am

Hi, everyone, new to the forum. I know I can do searches and will but I have a chance to buy a crew cab if I act fast so please be patient. I'm fairly familiar with the earlier S10. I have an 87 blazer which I swapped a 3.4 (camaro / fiirebird) engine and a later model disc brake rear end. I'm looking at a 2002 S10 crew cab that has drive train problems. I intend to swap in an LS 5.3 and may retain the 4x4 if it's in good shape, if not I'd like to make it a 2wd. I have an 8.5 db rear out of an s blazer. I know it's shorter but think it could be used with the proper wheels. If anyone had done a similar swap your advice would be appreciated.
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