Ford 2.3 or Chevy 2.2 motor? Need opinions

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Ford 2.3 or Chevy 2.2 motor? Need opinions

Postby bbgot » Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:18 am

Ok, I'm selling my 2002 CC. Not because there's anything wrong with it, I just don't need it anymore and I want to sell it while its still worth something. I'm looking for a used compact 2wd single cab truck with a 4 cylinder and a manual trans w, less than 120k miles for getting me to work and back (less than 10 miles/day).

My two choices are either a ranger w/ the 2.3 motor which I've always heard good things about or another S10 with the 2.2 motor which I don't know much about.

I'd appreciate any opinions about these motors from folks that have used them before as far as reliability. I don't care much about power, but I really want something that will be relatively trouble-free for a few miles.

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Re: Ford 2.3 or Chevy 2.2 motor? Need opinions

Postby AVTekk » Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:29 am

Either motor is nothing to write home about. The Ford has the wacky 8 spark plug setup and the 2.2 has timing chain issues. I've had both in std cab 5 speed configuration, the Ranger had very low miles and was an absolute dog with no power whatsoever, I had to downshift on the highway just to make it up any type of slight grade. The 2.2 had many more miles but still felt like more power than the Ranger, but still nothing great.

Like I said the biggest issue with the 2.2 is the timing chain, I would swap it right away if you're looking in the 120k range. ONLY use GM chain and tensioner, and you'll want to do the oil mod to the case while you're in there as its a TSB for those trucks. If you use aftermarket parts you'll be right back in there after 2 months. See more info on S10Forum.
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Re: Ford 2.3 or Chevy 2.2 motor? Need opinions

Postby ApproachMedium » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:43 pm

I have had friends with the GM 2.2 that went for a while with no problems. While I never heard about the timing chain from either of them, both of their trucks did not have that kind of mileage. My one friend had a manual single cab sonoma that he got rid of at about 60k because the truck was just constantly full of problems, though not many engine related.

2 other friends of mine had identical rangers, well one was a mazda the other a ranger. One black one white. The one got wrecked at 213k but ran like a top with no maintance what so ever. Literally, his dad didnt change the oil in it ever. It once went for a year with no oil change and it still ran. It got about 18mpg and was slow as a dog. My other friends is still going with over 250k on it. Still slow as crap also but it works. Honestly for what its worth I would just get a 4.3L with a manual. The ranger V6 isnt too powerful either but if your going to be getting that kind of stinky gas mileage, might as well have the 6 and get a little more power and actually be enjoyable to drive.
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