Mother and Child Die of Co2 poisoning when stuck in Mud

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Mother and Child Die of Co2 poisoning when stuck in Mud

Postby OrlandoSonomazr5 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:30 am

This is a incredibly sad story that happened this past weekend at a frequently visited local wheeling site. A mother and her 1 year old child were killed by CO2 poisoning when the jeep they were in became stuck in mud for just a few minutes.

So for all you wheelers out there, heed this warning

If you're running a closed cockpit install a CO2 detector they cost anywhere from $20 for the home install style to $100 for the race car style setups that will automatically shutoff your engine. I know the whole story behind this incident and can tell you they passed out and died in the time it took for the driver to get out, hook up a tow strap to another vehicle and by the time he opened the tail of the Wagoneer to get a shackle He found them unresponsive. There is a fire dept less than a mile from where they were stuck and so they were extracted through the rear hatch and brought to the fire dept asap for help but they still both passed unfortunately.

This is a story everyone should read and educate themselves about. Most off-road vehicles have exhaust leaks from all the hits they take and how little we pay attention to the little things like that and its the smaller leaks that are the deadliest cause you don't know they are there, and it isn't just mud this can occur in, it can happen in sand, snow, and shallow water, basically anytime the tailpipe becomes submerged the pressure increases in the exhaust and it will take the gasses to take the path of least resistance, which will be into the cab. ... d/31681994
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