Hello Rob here in Orlando Florida with a 2002 CC SLS

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Hello Rob here in Orlando Florida with a 2002 CC SLS

Postby OrlandoSonomazr5 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:05 am

Whats up guys new to forum. Seems like most the forum has gone extinct as many posts seem to be around 2013. I hope theres still a few of you around as I just got mine and I'm sure to have questions. The search function has obvisouly been my best friend but sometimes you just gotta ask.

I have a 2002 CC SLS fully loaded with 3:73 locking rear, high rise bed topper, Brush Gaurd(Shitty one, that mounts to body mount frame point, plan on reinforcing.
Its a northern truck with no body rust, but the frames protective coating has started rusting/peeling off, so one of my to dos is to grind everything down to bare metal again and re undercoat the rear. I plan on the mystery marvelous lift with hopefully 33"s Wish 32's came in 10.5 but they don't so it will be either be 31's or 33"s.

I'll be sure to post mods to the truck and I thank all of you for providing the information you have on this site and I hope it doesn't go anywhere soon.

Lets bring it back guys!!! :rock:
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Re: Hello Rob here in Orlando Florida with a 2002 CC SLS

Postby HenryJ » Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:56 pm

Welcome. There are still a few of us around. Walt plans to keep us going for a while :)

As with anything on the internet, if you value it, back it up :)

The site has now been alive three times longer than these trucks were built. We are on the third generation of owners in many cases. Many of us have moved on to different vehicles. Still there is a wealth of information and a super community of helpful people. Enjoy :wave:

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Re: Hello Rob here in Orlando Florida with a 2002 CC SLS

Postby Built2Bend » Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:12 am


Ya I've noticed the same it looks like this forum is slowing down but then there's people like you and me who are new to keep it going. And some people are still around. But most. Things seam to have been covered

And your luck it's from up here and no rust! That dosent exist. Haha
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